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We are the “Moroccan artisans Factory” company. Our company w which is located in the old medina of Fez was founded in 2010; we participate and invest in the locally handcrafted products and all that is related to the Moroccan handmade in every domain. We possess a skillful and well versed team of craftsmen; who are knowledgeable about the old techniques and secrets of the old traditional crafts which they’ve inherited from their ancestors; we are serious in our work; the customers’ satisfaction is our motif. We pay good attention to our client’s demands we work base on that, Our company” Moroccan Artisan Factory” has an excellent reputation; we have a professional teamwork; as well as the best shipping companies, that will deliver your order safely in a short period of time , Our Company’s activities do not consist only on the wholesaling or exporting the Moroccan Handmade products and items, but we also offer a sourcing service for the best quality with the best price.


Our company the Moroccan Artisans Factory is more than happier to provide you with our best quality Handmade Moroccan Baskets products. Our baskets are eco-friendly and supremely practical. Weaved out of natural sustainable palm plant fibers to create a vessel for the storage and transport of food, clothing, and your essential items.
We aim to make every customer glade with what we offer from a vegetal thread extract from the palm leaves that grow in the big Sahara, treated and hand woven by our excellent artisans, with a high level of service for which we are much known.
Our products come in a big collection of bags ,baskets and decorative objects as follow:

  • Moroccan bags basket
  • Moroccan market baskets
  • Moroccan Pom Pom baskets
  • Moroccan storage baskets


If you are a regular buyer then the process is familiar the order placed and instantly paid by credit card
Or else if you are a professional buyer and interested in ordering & stocking our Moroccan handmade basket products, apply for a wholesale account by filling in the details required on our form.
Or your Orders can be placed online at www.Moroccan-Baskets-Manufacturers.com or directly by email To MoroccanArtisansFactury@gmail.com
The payment shall constitute acceptance of these “Terms and Conditions” In case of Cancellation of an order, there will be no refunds.


Payment for all Moroccan handmade basket goods must be received at the time of ordering. The Payment in full 100% in advance. The payment procedure is done from the customer’s bank accounts into the company’s accounts, to guarantee the rights of the seller and customer.
Bank Transfers will provide immediate confirmation of order once funds are shown in our account Acceptance of the sales order is done by or reported to our E-mail MoroccanBasketfactory@gmail.com


All claims must be submitted to our company before opening and using the goods.
Our company will not be responsible for material failures resulted by natural disasters or shipment damages.
The Insurance Company will handle it not our company.


The Moroccan Basket factory is dedicated to keeping your details private.
We do not pass on or sell swap any of your private details with anyone.
We use this information to identify your orders, provide you with our newsletter and to personalize your shopping experience with us.