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We are the “Moroccan artisans Factory” company. Our company was established in 2010 in the old medina of Fez; in Morocco; we participate and invest in the locally handcrafted products and all that is related to the Moroccan handmade in every domain help to support meaningful employment and ensure the survival of awe-inspiring traditional crafts. It’s a thriving community of well-versed artisans and craftsmen. We possess a skillful and well-versed team of craftsmen; who are knowledgeable about the old techniques and secrets of the old traditional crafts which they’ve inherited from their ancestors; is the culmination of years and years of experience; we take our work seriously. the customers’ satisfaction is our motif, that’s why We pay good attention to our client’s demands and we work based on that, Our company” Moroccan Artisan Factory” has an excellent reputation; we have professional teamwork; as well as the best shipping companies, that will deliver your order safely in a short period of time.

Our Company’s activities do not consist only on the wholesaling or exporting the Moroccan Handmade products and items, but we also offer a sourcing service for the best quality with the best price.